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Design, Art Direction, & Print Production


Every graduating class at my college has an end of the year show displaying the students' hard work on their senior projects. The class divides into teams who compete for the winning visual identity of the show. Our team won, so we were tasked with developing the brand guidelines for the show and art directing the execution. 

My group brainstormed and we all landed on a similar idea of "layers." This further developed into our concept of student perspectives, visualized as little shapes in different colors that become even more unique and beautiful when combined. Our overall system was designed to be flexible and simple to apply to a variety of mediums.


I became part of the print collateral team and 

designed multiple print pieces to be distributed at the show such as binder clipped yearbooks + memorabilia posters, maps, and room cards. I managed these projects from concept to design to print production.

Watch the promo video here  >

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