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Environmental Design & Branding


Highlighted on this page are just a couple of many signage & way-finding projects I worked on in my time at Selbert Perkins Design as well as some web design and branding.


The first project was for the office buildings at Power Plant Live in Baltimore that needed a re-brand and new signage for their interior and exterior. I created a concept deck with mood-boards, signage systems, logos, and photo renders to share with the client.


The second project highlighted was for the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. I assisted in creating a new word-mark and mocked it up on the front of the building, their website, and other marketing materials to help them envision how it would all come together. During this project I also designed murals and signage for the food court, parking garage, and other areas of the interior and exterior of the mall.

2014-0811-Power Plant Live-pages_Page_1.
2014-0811-Power Plant Live-pages_Page_2.
2014-0811-Power Plant Live-pages_Page_3.
2014-0811-Power Plant Live-pages_Page_4.
2014-0811-Power Plant Live-pages_Page_5.
2014-0811-Power Plant Live-pages_Page_6.
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